Newly Invented Sports

Newly Invented Sports

Step into the arena of innovation, where athleticism and imagination collide in a glorious spectacle of newfound sportsmanship. In the ever-evolving landscape of recreation, a wave of creativity has birthed sports that defy convention and challenge the very notion of what a game can be. These aren't your grandfather's pastimes; these are the result of minds unbound by tradition, forging new paths in the realm of play.

Welcome to a world where sports aren't just played; they're invented. In this exhilarating journey, we'll explore the thrilling universe of novel sports—games that have sprung forth from the fertile ground of inventive minds, pushing the boundaries of competition and redefining the meaning of victory. Get ready to dive into a realm where innovation meets athleticism, and where the spirit of play knows no limits. Are you prepared to discover the next frontier of sports excitement? Let the games begin!



Embark on the captivating journey of Hantis, a revolutionary game that defies the conventional norms of sports. This ingenious creation takes the essence of play and molds it with simplicity, utilizing the very resources found within the hallowed halls of schools: four tables and a solitary ball. What sets Hantis apart from the sporting crowd is not only its accessibility but its cost-effectiveness—unlike the vast majority of sports, this exhilarating pastime requires nothing more than the existing materials at your disposal.

Picture this: a game that unfolds within the cozy confines of a small classroom, a testament to the creativity sparked in the most unexpected of spaces. Hantis thrives in compact environments, proving that grandeur isn't always measured by expansive fields or towering arenas. It's a game that was born within the intimate confines of a classroom, a testament to the idea that innovation knows no boundaries.

But what truly sets Hantis apart is its immediate embrace of players, welcoming them into a world where tricks and maneuvers become second nature from the very first play. The Freestyle game mode, a gem within Hantis's crown, orchestrates a symphony of playful competition. Teams rotate seamlessly, fostering an environment where dominance takes a backseat, and the spirit of playful camaraderie takes center stage. Hantis isn't just a game; it's an invitation to explore the limitless possibilities that unfold when simplicity meets ingenuity. Let the tables turn, the ball roll, and the games begin in the vibrant realm of Hantis!


Embark on an extraordinary journey with Earthing, a groundbreaking fusion that converges the epitome of Olympic spectacle—running and swimming—into a singular, awe-inspiring race. Imagine a competition that transcends the boundaries of land and water, where athletes traverse terrains with unmatched prowess, seeking the coveted title of the fastest human on Earth.

Earthing is a symphony of athleticism, a quest where competitors transition seamlessly from the thundering rhythm of running on land to the graceful flight through the air, culminating in a spectacular dive that redefines the very essence of biomechanics. This transformative moment, known as the "TRANSITION," introduces a new era in sports, capturing the essence of human capability as athletes literally soar through the skies in pursuit of victory.

As competitors navigate the course, they engage in a harmonious dance between the elements—earth, air, and water. The fusion of running and swimming is not merely a physical feat but an ode to the boundless potential of the human body. Picture the rhythmic pounding of feet on solid ground, the breathtaking suspension in mid-air during the Transition, and the seamless entry into the fluid embrace of water. Earthing transcends the traditional confines of sports, offering spectators a front-row seat to witness the convergence of athleticism and innovation.

This isn't just a race; it's a symposium of human capability, a testament to the indomitable spirit that propels athletes beyond conventional limits. Earthing invites you to witness the marriage of land and water, gravity and flight, in a spectacle that challenges the very definition of speed. It's not just a quest for the fastest—it's a celebration of the extraordinary. Welcome to Earthing, where the elements unite, and the pursuit of greatness takes flight.




Skijoring is a winter sport that involves a person on skis being pulled by a horse, dog, or motorized vehicle. The term "skijoring" is derived from the Norwegian word "skikjøring," which means "ski driving." This exhilarating sport combines elements of skiing and dog sledding, creating a dynamic and fast-paced activity.

The basic setup involves a skier wearing cross-country skis and holding onto a towline attached to a harnessed animal, often a dog or a horse. In some cases, motorized vehicles like snowmobiles or even horses are used to provide the pulling force. The skier uses ski poles to help with balance and propulsion.

The skier relies on the pulling power of the animal or vehicle to glide over snow-covered terrain. The speed and intensity of skijoring can vary, from leisurely outings to competitive races where skiers navigate a designated course.

Skijoring events are held in various winter sports locations, and there are even competitions and races dedicated to this unique sport. Participants, whether recreational enthusiasts or competitive skijorers, enjoy the thrill of being towed across snowy landscapes, showcasing the strong bond between human and animal.

Skijoring is not only a thrilling winter activity but also a testament to the collaboration between athletes and their four-legged or motorized companions, making it a beloved sport in regions with snowy climates.


Step into the dynamic realm of this mesmerizing sport that transcends conventional gameplay – an intricate fusion of soccer's finesse and strategic brilliance, introducing you to the captivating world of Kyiiani. Picture a mini soccer ball, slightly weighty, traversing a field divided into fifths, each section adorned with soccer-style nets and creases, where eight players and a vigilant goalie engage in a balletic symphony of kicks, carries, and tackles.

The essence of Kyiiani lies in the nuanced dance between athleticism and strategy. The rules paint a vivid canvas of dynamic gameplay – you can kick or carry the ball, but lifting it with your hands is strictly off-limits. A blend of finesse and brute force, the sport demands that if you choose to carry the ball, you risk the swift retribution of a tackle, forcing you to relinquish possession within a mere three seconds. Each additional second incurs a penalty, escalating up to a dreaded Jada, a three-minute exile from the field, with the ball gracefully passed to an eager opponent.

Navigating the pitch becomes an art, with players prohibited from passing straight forward or back, compelled to weave their passes at angles of at least 15 degrees to either side. The strategic heartbeat of Kyiiani pulsates in the mandatory passing every fifth section, lest the ominous Kyiiani call echoes, surrendering the ball to the rival team.

The boundaries of conventional play are redrawn with every throw-in or corner kick, reminiscent of soccer traditions. Yet, it is the elusive goal, a magnetic spectacle worth a dazzling five points, that stands as the pinnacle of achievement in Kyiiani. A goal isn't merely a score; it's a declaration of mastery, a testament to the skillful ballet unfolding on the field.

So, step onto the Kyiiani pitch, where every kick, every pass, and every goal tell a story of prowess and strategy. In this unique blend of soccer's heritage and a symphony of new rules, Kyiiani beckons you to embrace the challenge, redefine the rules, and savor the thrill of a sport that marries tradition with innovation.

Salto Ball

Dive into the high-flying spectacle of this electrifying game that merges the grace of trampoline acrobatics with the strategic precision of basketball – a harmonious marriage known as Airmaster. The objective is simple yet exhilarating: outscore the opposing team by gracefully depositing the ball through any of the three celestial hoops within the cosmic confines of six riveting five-minute periods. Each successful basket, a celestial alliance worth a remarkable 3 points, propels your team closer to the realms of victory.

Yet, in the ethereal ballet of Airmaster, scoring transcends the conventional. Enter the "jam," a gravity-defying slam dunk that elevates the game to unprecedented heights. From dazzling 360 spins to jaw-dropping through-the-legs maneuvers, each celestial dunk is a cosmic spectacle worth a soaring 4 points, a testament to the fusion of athleticism and artistic flair.

Guiding the celestial dance is a solitary official, the arbiter of gravity-bound glory. Flanking the trampoline arena are the two vigilant inbounders, tasked with seizing the ball should it embark on a celestial journey beyond the bounds of play. A total of 10 players, with 3 aerial virtuosos on the trampoline per team, form the cosmic ensemble.

As the celestial dance unfolds, the coach becomes the orchestrator of strategy, masterfully weaving substitutions and orchestrating tactical timeouts, of which they are gifted three per cosmic clash. A timeout, a momentary pause in the celestial ballet, offers a chance for recalibration, a strategic interlude in the cosmic symphony.

In the dance of possession, if the celestial orb ventures beyond the celestial plane, a cosmic shift in fortune occurs. The team opposite the last celestial touch inherits the ball at the zenith of the court, ready to script their own celestial ballet.

So, step into the cosmic arena of Airmaster, where trampolines and hoops converge, and gravity takes a backseat to the celestial choreography. A symphony of jumps, dunks, and strategic maneuvers awaits, and victory is not just a score but a celestial triumph in the mesmerizing game of Airmaster.

Gaga Ball


Introducing the heart-pounding sensation of Gaga Ball, where lightning-fast reflexes and strategic dodges take center stage in the octagonal arena. The goal is clear: outlast, outmaneuver, and emerge victorious by avoiding elimination. Gaga Ball operates in a series of rounds, each filled with pulse-quickening intensity, and the objective is to be the last player standing.

Within the confines of the octagonal pit, players must skillfully strike a small ball with their hands, aiming to tag opponents below the knee. Precision and agility are paramount, as a well-placed shot can swiftly eliminate adversaries. Gaga Ball is a game of survival, where the quick-witted thrive and the nimble-footed evade elimination.

As the game progresses, the excitement escalates. Players are challenged to navigate the ever-shrinking playing space, adding an extra layer of complexity to the strategic dance of dodging and striking. The tension is palpable as the competition narrows, and each move becomes crucial in the quest for Gaga Ball supremacy.

One of the distinctive features of Gaga Ball is its inclusivity, as the game welcomes players of all skill levels and athletic abilities. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a first-time participant, Gaga Ball provides an exhilarating and accessible experience for everyone in the octagonal battleground.

A referee oversees the action, ensuring fair play and enforcing the rules of engagement. Gaga Ball embraces a spirit of camaraderie, promoting friendly competition and good sportsmanship.

So, step into the octagonal arena, where Gaga Ball's heartbeat echoes with every swift dodge, strategic strike, and triumphant survival. It's not just a game; it's a thrilling journey into the world of fast-paced, unpredictable fun. Will you be the last one standing in the Gaga Ball arena?



Embark on a rhythmic journey of skill and finesse with Glistro, a game born from the spirited camaraderie of friends who share a passion for racket sports. Derived from the Greek word 'glide,' Glistro encapsulates the essence of fluid motion and seamless play. Gather two to four players, equip yourselves with table tennis paddles, an oversized ball, and let the game unfold in the expansive canvas of a large room.

The objective is simple yet captivating: keep the oversized ball afloat, dancing across the room in a display of agility and precision. Each player starts with a base score of five points, and the challenge is to maintain this score by deftly returning the ball. However, there's a twist – a missed shot results in the graceful descent of one point, adding an element of strategy and suspense.

As the game unfolds, the room becomes a dynamic stage, accommodating players of all skill levels and room sizes. Glistro doesn't confine you to a specific space; instead, it adapts to your preferences, allowing you to tailor the game to the dimensions that suit your playing style. The ebb and flow of the game, the strategic placement of shots, and the artful finesse required to keep the ball aloft create a mesmerizing experience.

In the realm of Glistro, precision reigns supreme. While players are encouraged to hit the ball as many times as needed, the art of the game lies in the banishment of smashes – a rule that preserves the delicate balance between challenge and enjoyment.

The culmination of each round is a moment of triumph as the last player standing with points intact emerges as the victor. Glistro isn't just a game; it's a celebration of movement, a symphony of skill, and a canvas for friends to create moments of joy and competition. So, whether you're honing your finesse or engaging in a friendly match, Glistro invites you to glide across the room and immerse yourself in the rhythm of this uniquely crafted racket sport.



Step into the thrilling universe of Omniball, a sport born from the spark of invention and fueled by the infectious enthusiasm of those who dare to play. What began as a creative endeavor among friends has now become a sensation, a game so enticing that players are adopting it into their homes, a testament to its undeniable allure.

In the heart of Omniball, two teams, each boasting 4-7 spirited individuals, converge on the court, eyes fixed on a ball nestled in the middle. The moment a whistle echoes, pandemonium ensues as players rush to claim the coveted sphere, setting the stage for a symphony of strategic chaos. Your mission: traverse the entire court, ball in hand, using any means necessary—be it the nimble dance of feet, the precise art of passing, or even a friendly bout of wrestling. Just remember, in the spirited dance of Omniball, there's a code of conduct – no punching, kicking, spitting, biting, pinching, or tickling allowed.

The soul of Omniball lies in scoring, a task accomplished with finesse as you kick the ball into the goal. Forget goalies; in Omniball, everyone is a rush goalie, an ever-moving guardian against the relentless tide of the opposing team. And here's the twist – once you score, there's no pause. The game seamlessly continues, an unbroken rhythm of scoring, defending, and relentless pursuit of victory.

For our games, we opted for a smallish exercise ball, approximately 70cm in length, a choice that adds an element of unpredictability and strategy to the gameplay. The softness of the ball not only allows for dynamic grabs but also serves as a playful tool for bouncing opponents off its resilient surface.

Omniball isn't just a sport; it's an immersive experience, a concoction of strategy, athleticism, and unbridled fun. As the ball bounces, feet dance, and goals are scored, Omniball invites you to embrace the chaos, forge unforgettable moments, and join the ranks of those who have succumbed to the irresistible charm of this dynamic, homegrown sport.

In the vibrant tapestry of sports innovation, we've explored a realm where tradition meets boundless creativity. From the gravity-defying heights of Airmaster to the strategic precision of Kyiiani, each newly invented sport is a testament to human ingenuity and the enduring spirit of play. As we close this exhilarating chapter, we're reminded that the world of sports is ever-evolving, with pioneers pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to compete and entertain. Embrace the thrill of the unknown, for in these novel sports, we discover not only athletic prowess but a celebration of the human imagination in motion. Here's to the future of sports, where every inventive leap propels us into uncharted territories of excitement and wonder.

Newly Invented Sports

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