How a Gaga Ball Pit Compares to a Panna Soccer Cage

How a Gaga Ball Pit Compares to a Panna Soccer Cage

Gaga Ball is a lesser-known game that is rocking the nation for several reasons. This game will put both your quick reflexes and athleticism to the test, but is simple enough that people of any skill level can enjoy playing it. Additionally, this fast-paced game will bring out the competitive spirit in even the mildest of temperaments! Best of all, Gaga Ball can be played by large groups of people–up to 30 at a time! While schools and parks around the country are installing permanent Gaga Ball pits, families have looked far and wide for a portable structure that can be used in their own backyard. That structure is finally here! 

If you are familiar with a Panna soccer cage, you probably have a good idea of what a Gaga Ball pit looks like. The Gaga Ball pit is similar to the Panna soccer cage, with a few important differences. 

Cage Sizes

Panna soccer cages are designed to condense an athlete’s soccer playing field to fine tune their skills. These cages are either round or six-sided structures with attached goals on two opposing sides. They come in portable sizes as well as full-size structures. The portable cages have up to 2 foot high walls, while many full-size cages boast 4 foot high walls. Most Panna cages have a diameter of 18 feet, although some varieties can be expanded by adding panels.

Portable Gaga Ball pits from Castle Sports come in two different sizes. The smaller 15’ x 15’ pit is recommended for up to 15 players, while the larger 20’ x 20’ pit can accommodate up to 30 players. Both pits are over 2 ½ feet high. 

Cage Materials

Panna soccer cages are made from a variety of materials. Permanent structures can be made of harder materials such as plastic or hardie board. Portable cages generally have sturdy mesh sides with plastic or metal poles. 

The Castle Sports Gaga ball pits are designed to be both portable and durable. For greater portability, the sides are constructed out of lightweight but tough, reinforced netting. The poles are made of strong aluminum. For optimal play, the netting tension is adjustable. Most other portable Gaga Ball pits are heavy enough to require a cart, sitting at upwards of 150 pounds. Because Castle Sports understands the impracticality of this set-up, they designed their pits to weigh no more than 40 pounds and to fit comfortably in a convenient carrying case. 


Most suppliers of Panna soccer cages won’t even give you a straight-up price. That is because they are pricey! The shipping alone can cost up to $1,500.00. Gaga Ball pits can be extremely expensive as well, with most varieties ranging from $1,200.00 to $3,000.00. Castle Sports believes that the best gathering games should be available for any individual or family, even those on a tighter budget. That is why their Gaga Ball pit is reasonably priced at a mere $699.00. 


Because of the built-in goals, a Panna soccer cage is solely practical for soccer skill training. It can’t be doubled as a Gaga Ball pit. On the other hand, the Gaga Ball pit is versatile and can be doubled as a soccer cage. Of course, the main use for this cage is Gaga Ball. Gaga Ball is a super-fun game for all ages and abilities. Using their hands and the sides of the pit, players try to get other players out by tagging them in the legs and feet with a soft, playground-type ball. It is fast-paced and competitive, and a great way to burn a lot of calories without even noticing it!

As you can see, Panna soccer cages and Gaga Ball pits have a lot in common. They are both either permanent or portable cage-like structures designed to develop athletic skills and provide hours of fun. However, the Gaga Ball pit from Castle Sports is more versatile and less expensive than Panna soccer cages or even other types of Gaga Ball pits. 

If you are looking for a sports pit for your yard, church gym, or to take on the go, look no further than Castle Sport’s Gaga Ball pit. This cage has it all. It is durable, portable, affordable, and, best of all, fun!

How a Gaga Ball Pit Compares to a Panna Soccer Cage

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