Fun Lawn Games for Adults

Fun Lawn Games for Adults

Adults spend so much of their time and energy entertaining the kids and making sure they are happy that it’s easy to forget about themselves. Of course, the rising generation is important but kids certainly shouldn’t have all the fun! When it’s your turn to have some fun outside with friends, consider these guaranteed-to-please lawn games!



Tossing Games

Looking for an easy crowd-pleaser? Tossing games can be played by anyone of any athletic ability. As long as your guests have basic mobility, they will enjoy the following low-intensity, non-contact lawn games. 


Cornhole is made up of two raised, angled boards with a small hole in the upper middle of each one. The boards are placed at throwing distance from one another. Two teams of two stand on opposite sides and take turns throwing bean bags toward the far board. Points are scored by landing the beanbags on the board or making them into the hole. 

Ladder Ball

Just like in Cornhole, Ladder Ball is played by two teams who are tossing something toward a target. However, instead of a platform and beanbags, this game is played with two three-runged ladder structures and bolas. A bola is a contraption made of two balls that are connected by a short rope. 

Bocce Ball

Bocce ball is played with eight weighted balls and one small target ball called a Pallino. Up to 4 people can play. The goal is to land your balls closer to the Pallino than your opponent’s. In a game where it is encouraged to knock your opponent’s balls out of the way, that’s harder than it may seem!


Disc Games

Disc games are a fun twist when you are tired of playing with balls! These games vary from high-intensity and high-contact, to more relaxed. Here are three disc games your guests will love!

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is similar to football in that your team is working together to get the frisbee to their end zone. Players can run around when they don’t have the disc but aren’t allowed to move when the disc is in their possession. The thrower has 10 seconds to throw the disc to a teammate. If the thrower fails to throw the disc, or the disc is dropped or intercepted, it’s turned over to the opposing team.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf is a low-intensity game that’s a fun challenge for people of any athletic ability. Like golf, players are aiming the disc toward a “hole,” only this time, it is actually a standing basket. Just keep in mind that disc golf is best enjoyed at a predesignated course. 

Kan Jam

Kan Jam is a challenging, intense disc game played by two teams of two. Two “kans” (cylindrical targets with an open top and a rectangular opening in front) are spaced 50 feet from each other, and each team places one player behind each kan. Players alternate between throwing and deflecting, with points being awarded for the various types of hits. 


Fast-Paced Games

Fast-paced games are ideal for the most athletic of your friends. These games tend to be highly competitive and intense–great for keeping competitive adults on their toes! They also tend to be highly addictive!


Spikeball is played by two teams of two. The object of the game is to work with your partner to score points by hitting a small rubber ball to each other and off a small, round net that sits a few inches off the ground. It is harder than it looks.

Gaga Ball

Gaga Ball is played in a large pit by hitting a playground ball at other people’s lower legs and feet. If you are hit anywhere beneath the knee, you are out. In order to play, you will need a gaga ball pit. 

9 Square

9 Square is a fast-paced, competitive game that is kind of like a mix between foursquare and volleyball. Played in a 9-squared cage-like structure, each player stands in a square. Then, each player tries to get the other players out, while simultaneously working toward the king’s position. 


9 people playing 9 square with forested mountains in the background


Indoor Games for Outside

Some people might not be up for anything that requires mobility or athleticism. For these folks, there are fun, larger-than-life versions of indoor games designed for outdoor play. Look for giant Connect Four, Chess, Checkers, and Outdoor Jenga, among others!


Of course, it’s hard to go wrong with the classics. Croquet, Badminton, and Horseshoes have all withstood the test of time. If you’re worried about what some of your guests might think about the newfangled inventions of today, pull out a good ol’ classic or two!

You never need to spend a fortune to have an amazing time with friends and family. Investing in a few lawn games is all you need to keep people entertained for hours! Just be sure to cater your selection of games to your guest’s needs.

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Fun Lawn Games for Adults

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