Fun Block Party Games

Fun Block Party Games

Summer is winding down and fall is sweeping in with all its splendor. With cooler weather, and the start of school, Halloween, and especially football, block parties reign supreme! Now is the time to invite all the neighbors for an epic gathering where everyone can mingle, get acquainted, enjoy the weather, and, most of all, have fun! You can plan a block party that will go down in the history of neighborhood lore by including some of these guaranteed crowd pleasers.

Face Painting

Kids of all ages love face painting. All you have to do is take one look at your next school carnival to see that the face painting line is a mile longer than any other activity! It helps if you have a willing artist or two on hand, but you can have a successful face painting booth even if you can’t conjure up someone who knows their way around a paintbrush. All you need are quality face paints, good brushes, and some fun stencils. Be sure to get a wide variety of stencils that will satisfy both the unicorn lovers and the sports buffs of your neighborhood!

Giant Slip ‘n’ Slide

For kids, nothing beats the magic of a giant slip ‘n’ slide! If you live in a warm climate or are planning your block party for a hot day, you need nothing more to keep the kids entertained than to stake a massive plastic sheet into the lawn and turn on the hose. Of course, this is best done on a bit of a hill. Better yet, add some liquid soap to get things really slippery! Just be sure to use baby soap so that you don’t end up with a bunch of burning eyes. 


Few things bridge the generations quite like karaoke. Of course, this is largely because the younger generation gets such a massive kick out of watching the older generation embarrass the daylights out of themselves! But hey, it’s all for a good cause. Bonding with youngsters is well worth making a fool out of yourself. You should even be able to find music to satisfy everyone. If you want your neighborhood to truly connect, all you need is a good karaoke machine, a quality speaker, and some classic tunes!

9 Square

No, that isn’t a typo. If you don’t yet know what 9 Square is, all you need to know is that it is a growing phenomenon that you absolutely have to try. 9 Square is basically a cross between 4 Square and volleyball. And it is played in a cage. And it has 9 squares. And you can play it in the pool. And it is way more fun. And even non-athletes can have fun playing it. But otherwise, very similar! 

9 Square begins with a tall, cage-like structure. This structure has 9 squares, as the name suggests, with one player in each square. The middle square is the coveted king position. The players hit the ball up and into each other’s squares in an attempt to get people out and move up toward the king’s square. This game is seriously addictive. Best of all, lots of people can play. Even though there are only nine players at a time, it is a fast-paced game that can move lots of people through very quickly. People of all ages and skill levels will enjoy this game equally. The hardest part will be getting people to leave when the party is over. 

Gaga Ball

Gaga Ball is another game that you might not have heard of but that is spreading like wildfire across the country. Just like 9 Square, this game can accommodate large crowds: young and old, skilled and, well, not-so-skilled. Gaga ball is played in a round cage-like structure with low walls. These walls can be wooden, plastic, or even mesh. Up to 30 people can play at a time by standing in the structure and getting people out by hitting a ball at each other’s feet. But, don’t worry! Even people on the sidelines can get back in the game by catching any fly balls that come their way. The last person in the structure wins!

While schools and parks all over the place have begun building permanent gaga ball structures, Castle Sports offers a lightweight, portable, durable, easy-to-set-up, mesh version that you can play anywhere. Just be ready for a seriously competitive spirit to come out in even the unlikeliest of people!

You can rock your next block party to the moon and back with the right activities. Face Painting, karaoke, 9 Square, and Gaga Ball will keep your guests entertained for hours. Best of all, these activities take virtually no planning or stress. You can be set up with all four stations in a matter of minutes. Think of it! You will be the talk of the neighborhood without gaining a single gray hair!

Ready to rock not only your block parties, but also reunions, church youth nights, teen hangouts, and more? Click here to order your 9 Square and Gage Ball equipment today!

Fun Block Party Games

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